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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Dealing With Those Less Fortunate

I have decided to go further with my entry of yesterday and explore a topic based upon my stated standards as applied to dealing with those less fortunate than myself. There are people who are less fortunate and among those I include people without a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, those who have come upon hard economic times, those without a loving family, and those who are servants to some form of addiction.

For those who haven't come to accept Christ as Saviour I can only live my life as best I can according to His principles and, when given the chance, explain the hope I have in Christ. I don't want to alienate them or cause them harm; but, I do want them to know He is the way, the truth, and the life and no one gets to heaven without accepting Him (Jesus) as Saviour. There is no other way according to Christ Himself; so, there isn't any wiggle room on the procedure.

When someone is in an economic hard time I must help provide for their needs according to the abilities I have; whatever that may be. I can offer food, clothing, training, comfort, shelter depending upon what the need is. This is to be unconditional up to the point it is realized they aren't going to help themselves. If they aren't going to help themselves, then love dictates I leave them to their own devices. I say this not to be mean, but the individual must realize they must work and must come to a point where they can help someone themselves.

For someone without a loving family I must try to introduce them to the family of God through my interaction with them. They have a family through the adoption of each of us into God's family through the acceptance of Christ as Saviour. God is our Father and we are joint heirs with Christ. What greater family can there be?

If an individual suffers from some type of addiction we provide a listenning ear, a prayerful friend, and get them into some time of treatment for the addiction they have. They must however recognize there is a problem or we must leave them to their own devices; until they reach a point where there is a recognition of the problem, we can't provide any real help. All we will do is enable more slavery to the addiction

Just a few thoughts and hopefull I can get some response. I write this as a musing and investigation. I want to really understand what God wants of me and how to deal with these issues.


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