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Friday, April 15, 2005

My Ethical And Moral Standard

When it comes to standards for morals and ethics, I have to say they are based on the two things which Christ said were the basis for the Ten Commandments; we are to worship God and Him only and to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. Do I always measure up to this standard? No. I have to depend on the mercy and grace of God forgiveness and redemption. This is the standard I attempt to live up to though I fail miserably.

There is a right and wrong. There is righteousness and evil. There is black and white answers to questions. I try to look and the problem, pray over it, search Scripture, and then apply the lense of those two principles to the question. The only time I run into trouble is when I stray from this procedure.

I know abortion is wrong. I know child abuse is wrong. I know euthenasia is wrong. I know making someone dependent on anything except the good Lord is wrong. Man isn't the answer to his problems, God is. If the answer involves turning your back on the recognition of God as the supreme ruler of our lives and universe, we have missed the boat.

I know a church doesn't hold the answer, because churches are made up of fallible human beings. The Church is there for correction, edification, and instruction. It also helps to hash out issues with fellow believers and hopefully understand an issue and Scripture better. We are there to build one another up and speak honestly with each other about personal challenges. The Church isn't to be a social club or business opportunity.


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