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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Religious Intolerance

I have watched the debate over the filibuster (the fake one we have now) in the Senate and the debate over the judicial appointments President Bush wants to make; there is only one conclusion, the Democrats are a party intolerant of any view except their own. What else could it be?

Their objections don't concern the reading into the Constitution what isn't there or some type of personal peccadillo which would preclude someone from taking the bench (most of these people have been confirmed before), rather it is based on a religious conviction the nominee holds. This is just wrong. If the nominee has accurately adjudicated in the past, there is no reason to exclude them from an up or down vote.

If the opposition wishes to filibuster the Senate have them do it in the old-fashioned way, take the floor and filibuster. Speak about whatever is closest to their heart, read from a good book, or just blather. There should be some physical and mental toll for doing this; especially, if it is something you really believe.


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