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Monday, April 25, 2005

Why Not Do Your Job?

I wish the Senators elected by the country to do the country's business would just get on with it. The Democrats lost the election; they need to just deal with it. If they really want to filibuster they should do it the old fashioned way; on the floor of the Senate with oratory and have to deal with the physical discomfort and other baggage that would entail. Their current strategy is cowardly and just reinforces my perception of their party.

I know this is straying from the path of dealing with sin I had laid out, but I just can't deal with a group of people with no ideas of their own. Their only solution is to take their ball and go home because they can't get their way. I can only reason that is the Democrat strategy with shutting down the business they were elected to do. Quit being a bunch of crybabies and get back to work.


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