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Friday, May 13, 2005

Well, I am going to go into the Constitution and judges thing one more time. Judges, per the Constitution are not to legislate from the bench.....period. They are to interpret the legal document which is the Constitution as written and amended....period.
The Constitution and its amendments are the foundation of our republic. If you add to the structure without creating a firm foundation the building will eventually fall and that is what is happenning now. The courts have been legislating from the bench without the input of the governed and now wonder why there is this uproar; they are smart people and ought to be able to understand the feelings of the citizens. We elect people to legislate for us and they are not judges.
If the Constitution needs to be changed let us do it the legal way identified in the legal document which is the Constitution. The debate will clear the air and hopefully, we will come to a consensus.


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