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Friday, October 21, 2005

Hurricane Relief

I am all for hurricane relief for those who truly need it; but, we must find a way to pay for it. We must also do all we can to try to mitigate any problems caused by future hurricanes.

The Federal government is not our parent; it is there to provide certain services for the collective good individuals and state and other local governments can't provide for themselves. Now this includes coming up with a truly good disaster plan and then working that plan in the event of an emergency. This didn't happen in New Orleans or the state of Louisiana. The STATE Department of Homeland Security wouldn't let the Red Cross in, not the federal Department of Homeland Security.

We must help those less fortunate than ourselves as much as we can; but, the government must find a realistic way (besides increasing the deficit) to pay for it. Any money the federal government does spend must be spent wisely.

Just my two cents.


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