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Saturday, October 29, 2005

More On "Scooter" and the Indictment

I listened to the press conference given by Mr. Fitzgerald yesterday and here is what I gleaned from it all.

Prior to Mr. Libby talking with reporters, he had found out and conversed about the relationship of Ambassador and Mrs. Wilson. So, he knew she was a CIA agent and this was classified information which should not be divulged.

At some point Tim Russert called him and told him the word among the press was that Mrs. Wilson did indeed work for the CIA. Mr. Libby then told Mr. Russert that he didn't know that. So, at this point Mr. Libby had not compromised any classified information.

He then receives a call from other reporters who ask him about Mrs. Wilson and her relationship with the CIA and Mr. Libby told them Mr. Russert had told him she was, but he had no knowledge of it. So again, he isn't compromising any classified information as he pretends ignorance (which is what he is suppose to do) and says he is only hearing this gossip (my choice of words) from Mr. Russert. Up to this point I don't think he has broken any laws.

His problem is he didn't reveal all of this to the grand jury. This, if true, should be tackled to the greatest extent the law will allow.

My question is: Why was this pursued if Mrs. Wilson was no longer a COVERT CIA operative? The law which was investigated was if a COVERT agent had been compromised; Mrs. Wilson was not a COVERT agent.


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