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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Iraq 2

One of the great statements being issued by opponents of the war in Iraq is there are now more terrorists in Iraq than when the war started. Well, that is the idea. Basic military strategy is to get your enemy onto a battlefield of your choosing and into a tactical situation of your choosing; this is what has happened. Intended or not.

Iraq is where our forces are mobilized and ready; so, we want to fight in that situation. We do not want to have them attack in the United States. Our borders are porous, unprotected and easily infiltrated. Once inside they, the prospective terrorist(s), can blend into their chosen ethnic population because we don't consider ourselves as Americans. Rather, our loyalties lie with our ethnic group instead of our country.

Luckily, I don't have the ability to identify with any one ethnic group because I am a hodge-podge of ethnic heritage. I like that idea as I don't have to look at myself as some sort of victim. I get to measure my success or failure on a scale of my choosing. But, that is an entry for another day.


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