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Monday, November 21, 2005


Okay, everyone I am going to lay this out real plain; disagree with the war, debate the war, but do not call each other liars, deceivers, misleaders, or any other ad hominem attack. This does indeed give aid and comfort to the enemy and will cause the American public to forget about the young men and women in harm's way in Iraq.

I am speaking to Republicans and Democrats and any other person of a different political persuasion. I am a member of the Constitution Party and the official party line is we shouldn't have gotten into the war. Well, we are there and I will not be like those in our populace who have lost the message of Vietnam for those of us not serving in the war zone; speak civilly and with a solution in mind or shut up.

If this kind of sniping had happened in World War II, and it could have, we would have lost that war. We did lose Vietnam because of it and there are members of the opposition who were doing then what they are doing now and I am ready for them to be charged with treason, sedition and giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Not because of an opposition to the war, or speaking out about that opposition; rather, for not giving a solution after identifying what they perceive as the problem. If you aren't part of the solution, you are part of the problem. For calling those in positions of authority over policy liars; when the ones calling the names had the same position as those policy makers in the beginning with the same information.


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