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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Why must we descend from self-examination to self-loathing? It is the question I have to ask. I don't understand the desire to tear down your country for political gain. It doesn't make sense to cause the balkanization of the country you want to govern; but, that is what is happening.

Our political leaders have broken us down into our ethnic and religious and regional factions. They have prepared competing packages for each group; packages which often contradict each other available from the same party. I want someone to explain why we are so easily bamboozled.

Why don't we take the initiative to read the social contract, "The Constitution of the United States", and know what our country is based on? Why do we allow subversion of our Constitution by unelected fellow citizens in black robes? Why are we so very apathetic and pathetic? Why do we shirk our civic duty?

We don't seem to vote our consciences; rather, our wallets. This really bothers me. As a country, we have gained the world and lost our soul.


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