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Sunday, December 04, 2005


In the great scheme of things one man's opinion doesn't seem to count for much; but, America was formed from individual men voicing their opinion. When this happens they find they're not alone and bind with people of similar belief to change their society. It is an opportunity we now have.

I am asking anyone who reads this to examine yourself and your ideals. Once you have done this examination, grab onto those ideals and live by them. I mean really put them into every aspect of our life. Treat those around you guided by them, vote according to them, and raise your children according to them. Be true to yourself.

After 41 years my measure of success has evolved to a single measure, am I living according to what I believe? The short answer is sometimes.

This type of behavior could be viewed as hypocritical, and by the strictest definition of the word it is true. At one time, and sometimes even now, I would have been racked by guilt over these inconsistencies; but, I have come to embrace the fallibility of my humanity.

I don't mean I have given myself license to engage in any type of behavior without self recrimination; rather, I realize I am going to make mistakes. I admit the mistake, ask God and the person I have wronged for forgiveness, and move on. The grace of God has guaranteed me forgiveness and if the person I have wronged won't forgive me I can't do anything about that. I just have to move one.

The point of all this is just follow and live by your convictions; that is all anyone can do.


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