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Monday, December 05, 2005


Why is there such support for the Palestinians and vitriol aimed at Israel? Especially in the United States which is a predominantly Christian country? Israel is the nation of the Jews, God's chosen people with whom He has not broken covenant. The Bible states nations who support Israel will be blessed.

Israel is not known as an abuser of human rights; rather, it is the one democracy in the whole region. All its citizens are allowed to vote in free and fair elections for candidates from across the political spectrum. This can't be said of Israel's neighbors.

Yet there are political factions in this country which support the terrorist governments of the Palestinian Authority, Syria, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. I call all these nations terrorist states as they sponsor terrorist groups of varying stripes.

Why are there those who can't recognize those with whom we share common ideals? They seem to suffer from some sort of guilt for having grown up in a free country. I wish I could understand.


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