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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Border Securty

We have no border security as evidenced by the impunity with which the Mexican Army transgresses our border and fires upon our Border Patrol agents. Members of the Mexican Army have actually been detained; but, once the State Department was notified, the agents were told to immediately repatriate the captured invading soldiers. There is something terribly wrong when we can't even defend our borders.

In a time like now, protecting our borders is paramount. We are trying to secure the borders of Iraq and Afghanistan, but not our own. I just don't understand. We are setting ourselves up for another massive terrorist attack. WAKE UP!!!!!

Both Democrats and Republicans are catering to this particular voting block. Democrats because most of the ILLEGAL immigrants will need some type of government assistance and they are the party which has as its own claim to fame being increasing those at every opportunity. The Republicans cater to big business and want them to have cheap labor. They forget those employment costs are subsidized by the tax dollars taken out of our paychecks for the social services used.

I am tired of it. The rule of law is suppose to mean something in this country. Our elected representatives took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States; but, we know oaths mean nothing to them.


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