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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Questions For The Electorate

How long will it be before we finally stand up as Americans and leave the trappings of our former countries/ethnicity's behind and pull together? Those trappings are anchors which are keeping us bound to the past and hindering us from reaching the potential we bring to the project which is America. We should keep the parts of our cultural tradition which edify us and release those which hinder us. The patriotic symbols of those other cultures must diminish in our lives and we must grasp onto the things which makes us distinctively American. The patriotic symbols of our current country are what we should cling to and lift up. This will unite us and not allow those which profit from divisiveness and jealousy to succeed. I pray we finally do this. Let this day of rebirth allow us all to renew our commitment to being Americans and bring a rebirth to our country.


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