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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Religion Divisive?

Recently, spiritual guru Deepak Chopra stated it was a shame religion is so divisive; he’s right for so many reasons. Religion/Faith in a deity of whatever type requires recognition of something which is greater than yourself and requiring your obedience.

It also means, as part of that obedience, you relinquish living your life according to your rules and follow those set up by your religion/faith. You allow your god to control your life everyday to conform to the image required by your faith.

A natural by-product of this is the evangelization of other either through the results seen in your new life or by active recruitment by you. Part of that “sales pitch” is saying your path is better than others or is the only way to a wonderful afterlife.

Now my faith, Christianity, teaches an acceptance of Jesus Christ as saviour to make it into heaven. Christ Himself taught this. He taught we were to leave your genetic family behind and draw closer to Him. To conform to His teachings and His example.

So, yes, religion/faith is divisive and must needs be so.


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