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Thursday, June 08, 2006


Just because I am against illegal immigration doesn't mean I am against legal immigration. I believe in the rule of law and the rights guaranteed to me as a citizen of the United States in our national social contract, The Constitution of the United States of America.

If that contract, and the laws passed in concert with it by our elected legislators, are meaningless; then, my guaranteed rights are no longer guaranteed. Individuals who enter our country in contradiction of those laws, by that one act, show a disregard for this contract before getting here.

It also troubles me the people we elect to represent us have so little respect for the laws they or their predecessors passed. Of course this is obvious from the scandals coming to light in both major political parties.

It is also troubling the President of the United States, the chief law enforcement office of our country, has an even greater disdain for our country. I believe impeachment should be on the table because it is treasonous to leave our borders unsecure in a time of conflict. For him to have a greater loyalty to large corporations in lieu of fulfilling his duties to enforce our laws and protecting our country from enemies, foreign and domestic.


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