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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Politics and Faith

I cannot help but wonder how we as Christians can ensure we keep our faith and influence the world without compromising our faith to gain political power. What with Barak Obama speaking at Saddleback Church where Rick Warren who authored "The Purpose Driven Life" pastors, I am beginning to wonder how far we will go to gain that political power. I know I have come to the opinion that no Christian leader should endorse any political party. I would think people of our faith tradition would have learned that from our endorsement of the Republican party during the last decade. We were counted on for our votes but when issues we cared about were up for discussions they were not addressed with the same dedication as the need for our votes. I am a member of the Constitution Party because I feel it best reflects my own beliefs. I would encourage everyone to examine themselves and what they believe and vote accordingly. Don't allow anyone to talk you into compromising your faith for a vote. Also, don't compromise your faith to fit in with what the world seems to push as the norm. God is the standard setter, not our worldly companions.


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